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Business Internationalisation

Who is SME Market Connect?

Founded by Heiko Voigts (freelance)

With a South African, German background and based in Barcelona, Heiko has a combination of international business skills, languages and cultural awareness

He holds the Master’s degree in International Trade at the ESCI-UPF School of International Studies, Barcelona.

What does
SME Market Connect

  • We bring you together with international customers, either directly, or through sales partners / distributors.

  • We help you navigate the export requirements and processes



  • When working with SMEs, we know that you need a short return on investment cycle



  • Making a strategic plan (no macro-economic trade reports)

  • Get you into sales meetings as soon as possible

  • Share the risk with you. We bet on our joint success, with a low monthly rate for the initial period and a success fee

Why Work with Me?

My experience, credentials and best fit.
Personal and Inter-cultural competency

Business is about personal relationships, communication, nuances and building trust. I speak German, English, Spanish and Catalan fluently (plus basic Afrikaans) and move between cultures with ease.

Master of International Trade

I hold the Master’s Degree in International Trade at the ESCI-UPF School of International Studies, Barcelona

Fit to Your Needs

Business model tailored for SMEs:

Shared risk

ROI must be “in line of sight”

References on demand

Market Insight and Network

I have an extensive, quality professional network, especially in Spain / Europe and Southern Africa.

I am familiar with regulations and customs.

Accredited consultant for business internationalisation, by the Catalonian Agency for Business Competitiveness, ACCIÓ

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